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Neuroscience Discovery by Alain Destexhe from CNRS Research Center in Paris

Meet Dr. Alain Destexhe, a distinguished neuroscientist with a rich background in research and innovation, currently leading the European Institute for Theoretical Neuroscience at Paris-Saclay University.

Professional Journey

Dr. Destexhe’s career spans prestigious roles, including Vice-Director of NeuroPSI, Editor-in-Chief at the Journal of Computational Neuroscience, and a Research Director at CNRS, where he spearheads integrative and computational neuroscience studies.

Alain Destexhe, PhD

  • Professor & Research Director at the Paris-Saclay Institute of Neuroscience
  • Director of European Institute for Theoretical Neuroscience
  • Editor in Chief – Journal of Computational Neuroscience

Honors & Awards

  • Neuroscience in France Leader Award Recipient
  • Prix La Recherche
  • Silver Medal of CNRS

Dr. Alain had already been turning his brainwaves into soundwaves to help visualize them better for his research work when something amazing dawned on him.

While listening to some of his own neuro-acoustic transductions on a flight, he found himself becoming profoundly relaxed and falling asleep to the soothing sounds of his brainwaves. This epiphany led him to conceptualize an audio-sleep solution that would use personalized soundscapes to help improve the user’s quality of sleep.

“We had created an entirely chemical free, and profoundly relaxing, individualized sleep solution, and we called it myWaves.

Dr. Alain is best known for best known for his work in Neuroscience, Network Neuroscience, Thalamus, Electrophysiology, Electroencephalography and Bursting.

His studies deal with areas such as Synaptic noise and Neurotransmission as well as the Neuroscience of brain states (wake, sleep, anesthesia). He interconnects Oscillations, Cortex, Thalamus, Electrophysiology and imaging. 

His Neuroscience research includes elements from the elementary biophysical properties of neurons, networks and how to explain the emergence of large-scale activity states in the brain in wakefulness, sleep and anesthetized states. Pathologies such as various forms of epilepsy are also investigated in both animal models and in humans. 

He has had 175 articles published in peer-reviewed journals, 2 monographs, 35 peer-reviewed conference publications, 7 co-edited volumes, 49 book chapters and numerous (non peer-reviewed) publications, such as News & Views or press releases.

myWaves Clinical Trials

To better understand this discovery and how it can apply to the mass market, we ran a clinical trial with insomnia patients – with great success.

Led by Dr Damien Leger at the Center for Sleep and Vigilance of the Paris Hotel-Dieu Hospital (APHP), the study consisted of testing the sleep-inducing sounds on patients suffering from Chronic Insomnia.

The study revealed clear effects: an increase of REM sleep, decrease of REM latency, and overall increase of sleep duration.

During our clinical trial, every single participant rated myWaves at 8 or above (out of 10). A clinical Journal article will be published regarding this in the next 6-9 months.

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