Greg's Sleep Transformation with MyWaves

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“My introduction to MyWaves at CES was the beginning of a new chapter in my sleep journey. As a beta tester, I experienced firsthand the device’s capacity to transform night-time rest into something more dreamy and fulfilling. The initial nights were a clear indicator of its potential to enhance REM sleep, making every morning a testament to its effectiveness.” – Greg

Greg was among the first to discover MyWaves at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). His journey from a curious attendee to a satisfied beta tester of MyWaves showcases the innovative approach to enhancing sleep quality.

Key Highlights from Greg’s MyWaves Trial:

Immediate Impact: Greg was impressed by the immediate changes in his sleep patterns. The device promised an increase in REM sleep, and it delivered, making each night’s rest more dream-filled and rejuvenating than ever.

Beta Tester Insights: As one of the original beta testers, Greg played a pivotal role in demonstrating the effectiveness of MyWaves. His feedback helped fine-tune the device to what it is today: a proven solution for those seeking better sleep.

Unmissable Difference: Greg’s testimony highlights the stark contrast in sleep quality with and without MyWaves. Skipping a session made the benefits of the device even more apparent, underlining its role in achieving consistent, high-quality sleep.


Joe's Sleep Revolution with MyWaves

“Discovering MyWaves was a turning point in my lifelong battle with sleep. As a regular user, the transformation in my nightly rest was immediate and profound. Adopting the LOW frequency personalized sounds, I’ve found a new way to slip into deeper sleep faster than ever.” – Joe

Joe, a resident of Wellington, Shropshire,United Kingdom has faced sleep challenges for years. His journey with MyWaves began with skepticism but soon turned into a nightly ritual that he couldn’t do without.

Key Highlights from Joe’s MyWaves Experience:

Personalized Approach: Joe found significant benefits from using the LOW frequency setting tailored to his sleep patterns. This personalized approach allowed him to fall asleep faster, proving more effective than any generic white or green noise he had used before.

Transformative Results: After just one month of using MyWaves, Joe noticed a marked improvement in how quickly he fell asleep and the quality of rest he achieved. Each morning, he woke up feeling more refreshed and ready to start his day.

Consistent and Compelling: On nights when Joe struggled to fall asleep, turning on his MyWaves sound confirmed its effectiveness. The difference in sleep quality with and without the device was undeniable, solidifying its value in his nightly routine.


Laura's Journey to Better Sleep with MyWaves

“I’m noticing significant improvements as more time passes and can even tell a difference if I miss a night. I’m truly impressed at how much of a difference it’s making!” – Laura

Discover how Laura Lee Strasser overcame her complex sleep challenges using MyWaves. From Chicago, IL, Laura struggled with Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome, Insomnia, and more. With MyWaves, she found a tailored solution that significantly improved her sleep quality.

Key Highlights from Laura’s Experience:

Effective and Easy to Use: Laura found MyWaves easy to integrate into her nightly routine, noticing marked improvements in falling asleep and waking refreshed.

Personalized for Comfort: Despite her adhesive allergy, Laura successfully used the device with minor adjustments, showcasing MyWaves’ adaptability.

Transformative Results: Laura’s feedback emphasizes the real, positive changes in her sleep, stating, “I’m truly impressed at how much of a difference it’s making!”


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“Transform your sleep with myWaves Pebble, a revolutionary device that analyzes and converts your brainwaves into custom sound tracks, designed to enhance the quality of your rest.”

myWaves Beta Users Have Spoken

“I fall asleep super fast and feel fresh after a very good quality sleep, in the morning.”

Jacques Borlee, Olympic Champion and Olympic Team Belgium Trainer (55 medals)

"The Pebble works really well and the quality of my nights have clearly improved.”

Marianne Collin, Belfius Bank Board Member

"The Pebble works really well and the quality of my nights have clearly improved.”

Marianne Collin, Belfius Bank Board Member

“My nights were really good! I have tried many different sleep solutions through the years and I have to admit I have never had such a great sleep solution where I feel totally refreshed in the morning. Really.”

Frederic Borlee, Professional Sports Doctor

The Reviews
Are Phenomenal

― Gabriella S. ―

“myWaves is amazing. I have been using it for a month now, and I can’t believe how much better I sleep. I used to have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, but not anymore. The sound files are customized to my sleep waves, and they make me feel calm and comfortable. This is the best sleep solution I have ever tried.

― Jessica T. ―

“I was skeptical at first, but after trying myWaves for a week, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my sleep quality. I felt more relaxed and refreshed in the morning, and I had more energy throughout the day. The sound files are soothing and pleasant, and they really help me drift off to sleep. I highly recommend myWaves to anyone who wants to improve their sleep.”

― Norman B. ―

“I love myWaves! It has changed my life for the better. I used to suffer from insomnia and anxiety, but since I started using myWaves, I sleep like a baby. The sound files are tailored to my sleep pattern, creating a harmonious atmosphere that helps me relax and unwind. myWaves is a must-have for anyone who wants to enjoy a more restful sleep.”
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