We Have Exclusive Rights On A Parent Called “Neuro Acousic Transduction” Introduced In 2017​

The patent was accepted and published in France in 2018, and in the USA in 2022 (CNRS parent). Also applications for Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, and Japan.


CNRS – Fresh National Centre for Scientific Research – One of the biggest research body in the world


You Don’t Need to Take Our Word for It ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​



Our pilot study of insomnia patients was conducted at the Clinical Centre for Sleep and Vigilance in Paris resulting in improved sleep with 40% of the patients. 


A second pilot study showed 80% enhanced relaxation and 67% improved sleep induction amongst the 36 test patients. 


A clinical study was started in 2022 to further investigate the relaxing effect, sleep onset and sleep quality. 

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